Guideline for Abstract / Paper Submission / Oral presentation / Poster Presentation / Virtual Presentation

All the submitted abstracts/full papers would undergo a double- blind review process of the review committee of IAARHIES. The contact details of the reviewers and in case of rejection of an abstract/paper, the comments would not be disclosed in any circumstances.

Guidelines for submission of Abstracts / proposals / full papers:

(a) Abstracts/full papers can be submitted through online submissions ,alternatively you can also email it to us on
(b) The abstract/paper must be original in nature. Copied abstracts from any source will not be accepted. It should be conveying new ideas and concepts and the author must have the full understanding about it.
(c) Abstract should not exceed the word limit of 250-300 words.
(d) The full paper should not exceed the word limit of 3500. If the author wants to submit an extra page, USD 25 would be charged per page.
(e) Abstract/paper taken from copyrighted research will automatically be rejected.
(f) Only those abstracts/full papers would be included in schedule and proceedings of the event which are submitted with prescribed registration fee.
(g) Previously published abstracts/papers are not accepted.
(h) The author has to make the mode of presentation clear at the time of submission of abstracts.
(i) Only those authors will be allowed to present the paper in the event whose name appears on the schedule. No representative of an author will be allowed to present the paper on behalf of the author.
(j) However, if the paper is submitted by the main and co-authors, the author would be allowed to present the paper whose name appears in the schedule as the main author or co-author.
(k) Abstracts that do not meet the criteria of the review committee or are not relevant to the theme of the event would be rejected.

Guidelines for oral presentation: the authors will be notified about the time slot 15 days prior to the event/conference in which they would present their respective papers. In general case, an author presenting his paper alone or accompanied with co-authors, the standard time allotted would be 30 minutes. 5 minutes extra would be given for Q&A session. The general guidelines for oral presentation is as follows:

(a) Each presenter would be given 30 minutes time to present their respective paper. Extra time for presentation would only be given to those authors who have sought for submission of extra pages. If two or more co-authors are presenting together, the allotted time is still 30 minutes for presentation. 5 minutes extra time would be given for Q&A session to each presenter.
(b) All the presenters would be provided with the standard facilities for their presentation i.e. computers; screens, projectors etc in all the venues of the conference. If an author has some specific needs, he has to intimate about it to the managing committee 15 days prior to the event. Any request for specific need at the time of event might not be arranged.
(c) Every session is taken care by the session chair. The session chair is responsible for time management of the sessions. At the beginning or a session, the session chair would introduce all the presenting authors to the audience.
(d) For specific needs, the authors are requested to intimate us on

Guidelines for poster and virtual presentation: all the necessary arrangements for poster and virtual presentation are made on the conference venue. The poster presenters are requested to be present at the venue 30 minutes prior to the commencement of sessions. If you have any specific needs regarding your presentation, kindly let us know prior to the event.